Should You go for Training If Not Approved | NPC Adhoc Staff Recruitment Update

While the National Population Commission is set to commence Training of 623,797 Enumerators and 125,944 Supervisors across the 774 LGAs of the Federation, some NPC Adhoc Staff Applicants are tensed as their Application Status remains PENDING (Not yet Approved).

This Article serves to address the plight of NPC Adhoc Staff Enumerators and Supervisors whose Applications have not been Approved but are planning to attend the LGA Level Training.

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First, the Central Training Centers are the LGA Secretariats across the 774 Local Governments in the 36 States Plus FCT. If your State of Residence is Kano, then your Training Center will be the LGA selected as a place of Residence. From this Central point, there may be a split of other Unit Centers within the same LGA depending on the number of Enumerators and Supervisors to be trained in the LGA.

As has been the case of NPC Adhoc Staff Training, Text Message and/or Email will be sent to all Approved Applicants. The Text Message and/or Email will be used as a Criterion for welcoming the Applicants into the Training Hall.

Taking a Reference from the Training of Specialised WorkForce (SWF) and Facilitators, many of the Applicants who participated in the E-Learning and Virtual Class Room Training, wrote the NPC Quiz, NPC Exam and even had a high Score, were not invited for the Training.

The Text Message and/or Email is the utmost criterion used to accept applicants in the Training Center. Once an Applicant did not get the Invitation, it means the Applicant wasn't shortlisted. 

Regardless of wether an Applicant is Approved or not, the Applicant should pray to get the Text Message and/or Email Invitation in order to be accepted in the Training Centers.

However, an Applicant who has not been Approved but "who knows somebody" can try his/her luck by visiting the Training Centers. Other Applicants yet to be Approved can as well try visiting the Training Centers. The juicy pay for Feeding, Transport and Training Allowances is worth the stress.

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Again, the Facilitators (Trainers) will have the List of Applicants to be trained in a particular Training Center. This is why it is good that an Applicant receives the Text and/or Email Invite so as not to be embarrassed in the Training Centers.

NPC Adhoc Staff Applicants whose Names are not on the List, will not recieve training invitation, and most likely, will be discharged from the Training Centers without any consideration. 

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Are you an Enumerator or Supervisor Adhoc Staff Applicant whose Application is yet to be Approved? Do you intend to bear the stress and expenses of going to the LGA Level Training Center, you need to understand that your chances are narrow but worth trying.

Watch out for the List of Approved Enumerators and Supervisors Adhoc Staff Applicants to be published here soon.

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