Npower Batch C1 Latest News: NASIMS begins massive August Stipend Payment, waives Work Nation Test

The National Social Investment Management System (NASIMS) has commenced massive payment of August Stipend to the beneficiaries of the Batch C1 Npower Programme. 

Recall that the Npower management had on Monday announced a compulsory Work Nation Eligibility Test, which must be taken by the beneficiaries, as a criterion for the August Stipend Payment.

"To all Batch C1 Beneficiarles, Congratulations to you on reaching the concluding month of the programme, which you were selected for as a beneficiary.

"Kindly take the Work Nation eligibility test, as it is a conditional requirement for your August stipend to be paid to you.

"Work Nation is designed to make more opportunities accessible to you. The success or failure of the test do not affect you payments.

"Click the button below to redirect you to your test page and complete your passing out process", the Ministry stated.

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However, the Npower management on Thursday made a u-turn, commenced the August Stipend Payment while making the Work Nation Test non-compulsory. 

The Npower Work Nation Test Notification also disappeared from the beneficiaries NASIMS Profiles at www.nasims.gov.ng few days after it was announced.

NASIMS at the late hours of Thursday Night intimated the Batch C1 Npower beneficiaries, through its Official Facebook Handle, confirming that it has actually commenced the August Stipend Payment to the beneficiaries.

"ATTENTION: N'Power C1 Beneficiaries


"Following several enquiries regarding the authenticity of the August payment news widely in circulation, it has become crucial to clear the air.

"Please accept this update as an official confirmation of August payment in progress. 

"Kindly note, accounts are being credited for August payment and it's done GRADUALLY. If your payment is PROCESSING, kindly be patient and wait for your payment.

"Your patience so far is highly appreciated.

"Thank you", NASIMS stated.

Many Batch C1 Npower beneficiaries have reported that they have recieved the August Stipend on Friday morning, while the payment is in progress for other beneficiaries yet to recieve their Stipends.

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The Npower Batch C1 August Stipend is the Last Stipend for the Batch C1 Npower beneficiaries as they have completed the 12 Months duration of Batch C Npower Programme, according to NASIMS.

NASIMS declared all news about the extention of the Batch C1 Npower Programme as false, maintaining that the Batch C Npower Programme has a 12 Months (1 year) duration for either of the Stream 1 or Stream 2.

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