5 Important things Batch C1 and Batch C2 Npower Beneficiaries should know

There have been several questions begging for answers among the 1Million Batch C Npower beneficiaries composed of 510,000 Batch C1 Npower beneficiaries and 490,000 Batch C2 Npower beneficiaries.

The questions border on Batch C2 Deployment, Why Batch C2 Deployment Letter is Blank, Batch C2 Stipend Payment, Batch C1 August Stipend Payment and Batch C1 Extention.

The answers to the prowling questions have been broken down into five sub-headings below:

1. Npower Batch C2 Stipend Payment starts from this month

The Npower Batch C2 has officially commenced. This was announced by the National Social Investment Management System  (NASIMS) on Monday.

What this means is that payment of Stipends to the Batch C2 Npower beneficiaries will start counting from this month of October 2022 and will end by September, 2023, according to the 1 year duration of the programme.

Do recall that by the establishment of N-SIP Agency under the Federal Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development, Npower which is one of the National Social Investment Programmes will be empowering Nigerian Youths in subsequent batches of the programme from next year.

By the second week of November 2022, the Graduate Batch C2 Npower beneficiaries would have recieved their first Stipend of N30,000 for the month of October, 2022.

2. Npower Batch C2 Deployment is still ongoing

The deployment of the Batch C2 Npower beneficiaries is currently ongoing and that's the major reason why the beneficiaries should not panic.

Just this afternoon, NASIMS in statement announced that "massive deployment of the Batch C2 Npower beneficiaries is currently ongoing", while advising the beneficiaries to "continue checking their NASIMS dashboard" at www.nasims.gov.ng.

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The NASIMS technical team have been working tirelessly to ensure that all the Depolyment information forwarded by the State Focal Persons across the 36 States are uploaded to the beneficiaries' NASIMS Profiles within a shortest time. 

3. Npower Batch C2 Deployment Letters are still being uploaded

The reason why the Deployment Letters have been blank is because the the Deployment information which have been updated on the beneficiary's profile are yet to be updated on the letters.

The Npower Batch C2 Deployment Letters are not generic Letters, rather they are specific letters addressed to each beneficiary, bearing each beneficiary's information and where the beneficiary has been deployed to.

What this means is that, it will be written for each of the 490,000 Batch C2 Npower beneficiaries. A lot of work right? Yes it is. That's why you need to be patient.

So what do you do when your Deployment letter is Blank? Just relax, do not panic and keep checking back until it is updated.

That's why the Number 4 is for you. Read on!

4. You will only resume when deployed

Still worried about your Deployment letter being blank or no deployment information on your profile? Do not worry because the Npower Management had on Tuesday clarified that even though the Batch C2 Npower Programme officially kicked off on 4th October, 2022, beneficiaries can only resume when they have been deployed.

"ATTENTION: Batch C2 CATEGORY: Graduate/Non Graduate

"Please note, our technical team are working to resolve all PPA related issues, please be calm.

"Meanwhile, deployment process is still ongoing, you will resume only when posted to a PPA, which we expect to be sooner than later.

"Once placement is done by focal person, the posting will be uploaded on your dashboard under deployment tab.

"Your deployment letter will be posted on your dash board," NASIMS stated.

That you are not deployed now does not mean you will not be paid your monthly Stipend when others are being paid.

That you have not been deployed does not mean you will not be deployed or you will start attending a PPA you were not authorized to attend.

How do you know you have been successfully deployed? You are only deployed when you have completed the following 6 Steps:

1. Visit your self-service portal and click on the deployment tab, see your Deployment Information.  

2. Download your Deployment Letters 

3. Take your deployment letter to your PPA for
acceptance or rejection.

4.  If accepted, locate your State Focal Person for Stamp approval

5. Upload your stamped acceptance letter on your dashboard

Then 6th Step is to Resume your PPA.

5. Batch C1 August Stipend Payment to commence soonest

The payment of Batch C1 August Stipend will be commenced in no distant time.

This is to pave way for the Batch C2 Npower beneficiaries on the Government Integrated Financial Information Management System Server (GIFMIS Payment Platform).

The payment of the Batch C1 August Stipend will be accompanied by the clearance of any outstanding Stipend owed to the Npower beneficiaries which will be completed within the month.

As for extension of the Batch C1 Npower Programme, there hasn't been need for such consideration and hasn't been communicated.

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