FMYSD/HG Cyper Security Training Update: FMYSD commences Cyper Security Training Programme to over 40,000 shortlisted Applicants

The Federal Ministry of Youth and Sports Development has today commenced the FMYSD/HG Cyper Security Training Programme across the 36 States plus FCT.

Activities for the  FMYSD/HG Cyper Security Training Programme which is basically online has been outlined as follows:

The ministry in collaboration with Halogen Group stated that having a Gmail account is a critical part of participating in the online Training.

The shortlisted applicants of the FMYSD/HG Cyper Security Training Programme have been directed to submit a Gmail Address through a defined process that have been sent to their email addresses registered during the registration processes.

Did apply for the FMYSD/HG Cyper Security Training Programme? Did you recieve the Congratulatory mail? Kindly check your email for a new directive on how to submit your Gmail Email Address.

All applicants who are not using a Gmail address are requested to open a Gmail Account and submit the Gmail Address. An applicant using a Gmail Account is also expected to submit the Gmail Address. 

Once again, the FMYSD/HG Cyper Security Training Programme was launched to training  over 40,000 Nigerian Youths in Cyber Security capabilities which would enable mitigation of risks of Cyber-attacks, alongside a range of certification programmes in Cyber Security that may offer job placements both locally and internationally for the participants.

Benefits of participating in the free FMYSD/HG Cyper Security Training Programme include gaining competency on the Basic understanding of Cyber Security, Types and forms of Cyber attacks (E.g Malwares, Trojans, Social engineering attacks, Phishing links etc), Vulnerability controls, Cyber Security tools.

The Halogen Group stated that asides gaining access to cyber security certifications, the participants would also benefit through the Internship opportunities and Job opportunities (local and international), offered by the FMYSD/HG Cyper Security Training Programme.

Cash prizes of the following categories will also be won by most serious participants:

  • 1st Prize - N1Million
  •  2nd Prize - N650,000
  • 3rd Prize - N350,000

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