Npower Batch C March Stipend Payment: Network Failure alters Profile Data, NASIMS alerts, calls for calm| Npower Batch C March Stipend News| Npower Batch C Stipend News Today

Network Failure has delt a blow to the Npower Batch C Stream 1 March Stipend Payment which was initiated few days ago.

The National Social Investment Management System (NASIMS) breaking the news today evening stated that asides changing the March Stipend Payment Status from "Processing" to "Failed", the System error also altered the beneficiaries' Places of Primary Assignment (PPA).

"We did not intentionally redeployed N'Power Batch C1 Beneficiaries, not at this point.

"Therefore, the sudden CHANGE OF PPA and all PROCESSING PAYMENT recently changed to FAILED reading system error as encountered was as a result of NETWORK FAILURE", NASIMS stated.

NASIMS encouraged the beneficiaries to ignore the change of PPA as seen in their NASIMS Profiles at www.nasims.gov.ng, noting that "there is no cause for Alarm as their team are working to rectify the challanges".

The Npower Management added that once the Network error is fixed, the March Stipend Payment would be re-initiated to ensure that the beneficiaries recieved their March Stipend without further delay.

NASIMS called for Patience among the Batch C Stream 1 Npower beneficiaries while they intenfy efforts to counter the challanges at a shortest time interval.

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