Rapid Response Register (RRR) Update Today 20th March 2022 | N30,000 RRR Payment | RRR Registration

Following our update on Saturday clarifying that the N30,000 payment being made to COVID-19 RRR beneficiaries is not NEXIT Loan Training Allowance as exited Npower beneficiaries asserted, some individuals with fraudulent intentions are devising means of swindling unsuspecting victims through RRR Registration, others.

Note that in our previous update on NEXIT Loan Training, we made it clear that there is/was no training allowance for the exited Npower beneficiaries who recently concluded their NEXIT Loan Training across the States of the Federation. However, there were Item 7 served to the beneficiaries during the NEXIT Loan Training.

This post serves to clarify once again what COVID-19 Rapid Response Register  (RRR) is all about and address if the RRR Registration is on going or not, to prevent people from falling victims of RRR Registration fraud.

What is the COVID-19 Rapid Response Register (RRR)?

The Rapid Response Register is an intervention by the Federal Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development to identify and document the Urban and Semi-urban poor who have lost their income streams and consequently become poorer from the hash economic impact of COVID-19.

The Register is being built nationwide as an expansion of the existing National Social Safety Nets Project (NASSP) to target those in this category of non-traditional poor in urban and high density locations and/or slums where the Pandamic has affected economic life.

Individuals/Households captured under the COVID-19 Rapid Response Register are paid N5,000 for a period of 6 Months which amounted to the N30,000 being paid to the current RRR beneficiaries.

In the payment being made to the current beneficiaries, the Credit Alert bears the description NASSCO COVID-19. NASSCO http://nassp.gov.ng means National Social Safety-Net Coordinating Office and domiciled under the Federal Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development to oversee the Conditional Cash Transfer Programme.

RRR Registration and how it is done

Rapid Response Register RRR Registration is not done in any Cyber Cafe and has no link for the registration.

For ease of registration, the programme targets individuals who may not have access to the internet or sophisticated mobile Phones, hence, the use of USSD CODES which can be dialled through any type of mobile Phones.

The Covid-19 RRR Registration USSD Codes are designated using the General Code formulae *969*Community code#. When the enrolment was ongoing last year, the RRR Registration codes for each State, LGA and Communities were widely circulated across the social media and recieved huge interests from many intending participants in the programme.

This is the essence of keying into legit information updates. Those who followed legitimate sources of information enrolled with the codes while others were waiting for it to be announced on Radio or be carried by Nigerian Dailies.

Is COVID-19 RRR Registration currently ongoing?

The simple answer is NO. What is currently ongoing is the payment of the Beneficiaries.

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  1. My name is gabriel igbawase i have not recive anything and i do everything

  2. Actually is legit, i received mine on the 15/3/2022.#30000. Thank you

  3. When I dialed the RRR code and filled my name a code was sent to me and i have not received any information on what next to do.


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