NEXIT Loan Training Update: Download NEXIT Loan Training Materials here

If you have been in the NEXIT Loan Training Center you may have discussed the introductory part of the NEXIT Loan Training. On the other hand, if you are not a participant of the Batch 1 of the NEXIT Loan Training, you may be wondering what the NEXIT Loan Training is all about or even the essence of the NEXIT Loan Training. 

We are bringing live online the NEXIT Loan Training Materials to enable those participating in the Training prepare before each day begins, and also to enable participants in the next batch of the NEXIT Loan Training have a pre-information of what the NEXIT Loan Training is about and prepare ahead of Time.

Day 1

Download Day 1 Full PDF here https://bit.ly/3tcD59C

Day 2

Download Day 2 Full PDF here https://bit.ly/3ibFKdj

Day 3

Download Day 3 Full PDF here https://bit.ly/36jKwmj

Day 4

Download Day 4 Full PDF here https://bit.ly/3tcRFxU

NEXIT Loan Training Business Plan

Download NEXIT Loan Business Plan Sample here https://gconsultingisl.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/03/N-Power-Business-Plan.pdf

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