NEXIT Loan: Beneficiaries allege robbing Peter to pay Paul as Ministry commences 5 Months Backlog Payment

The Batch A and B Npower beneficiaries have alleged "robbing Peter to pay Paul" following the sudden commencement of Backlog Stipend Payment by the Federal Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development amidst NEXIT Loan Training enrolment.

Recall that the Ministry in September 2021 announced that out of 14,021 exited Npower beneficiaries whose Stipends of 5 Months were flagged by the Government Integrated Financial Management Information System (GIFMIS) Server, 9,066 were cleared for payment while 4,955 were facing further investigation.

The Ministry, as at that time, announced that the 5 Months Backlogs totaling N150,000 were being paid to the 9,066 cleared beneficiaries, but only few beneficiaries had their Bank Accounts credited.

Recall also that the Ministry on 29th January, 2022 announced a new date for NEXIT Loan Training for the 500,000 exited Npower beneficiaries, introducing a Service Short Code *45665# which charges N30 for the confirmation of eligibility and declaration of availability for the NEXIT Loan Training.

The N30 charge however attracted the fury of the unemployed exited beneficiaries who have alleged that the Ministry intentionally played on their vulnerability to participate in the NEXIT Loan Training, to rake in million of Naira (through the *45665# USSD) for clearing the 5 Months Stipend debt as well as fufiling the NEXIT Loan Programme.

The reaction followed the announcement on Tuesday by the National Social Investment Management System (NASIMS), that it has resumed payment of the 5 Months Backlog to the disengaged beneficiaries.

One of the disengaged beneficiaries, Comrade Useni Kingspal, in a Facebook post stated, "they are using the Money they generated from USSD Code to pay backlog. Kai! kai!! kai!!!, wisdom will not kill this people."

In the comment section of Useni's post, Yunusa Ayuba disclosed that he spent N270 trying to confirm his eligibility for the NEXIT LOAN Training.

Yemi Olajide, Lizzy Brown, Daniel Tsayun, Saadatu Mustapha confirmed to have spent N120, N300, N330 and 180 respectively, deducted as N30 per each of their several and desperate attempts to check their eligibility for the NEXIT Loan Training.

The disengaged beneficiaries believed that due to their desparation to participate in the NEXIT Loan Training and the network challanges which bedevilled the use of the USSD Code, each beneficiary may have spent between N120 to N300 in 4 to 10 attempts, checking their eligibility status for the NEXIT Loan Training.

According to the beneficiaries, over N150Million may have been raked in  through the *45665# USSD Code from 500,000 disengagement Npower beneficiaries.

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