Npower Resignation: Why beneficiaries should safeguard their Password

The activation of the "Resignation" button on the Npower beneficiaries' Dashboard by the National Social Investment Management System (NASIMS), is normal especially for Npower beneficiaries who wish to resign from the Npower Programme.

It has nothing to do with "unnecessary calls from mischievous beneficiaries over unpaid Stipend," as a FAKE NASIMS Social Media Handle https://bit.ly/3dc9UdM claimed.

Official resignation from the Npower programme is important for Npower beneficiaries who got jobs and wish to leave the Npower programme. An Npower beneficiary may however wish to resign from the Programme based on any reason best known to him/her.

Asides taking a sole decision to resign from the Npower Programme, there have been cases where many Npower beneficiaries got resigned from the Programme without proper explanation on how it happened.

Such cases were reported among the Batch A and B Npower beneficiaries and have also been reported by some beneficiaries of the Batch C Stream 1 Npower Programme, and such reports will continue to be recieved.

That's why every Npower beneficiary should guard his/her login password in order not be the victim of unwarranted or unintentional resignation.

You see, not everyone is happy that you now have a means of earning N30,000 every month. It could be someone close to you who isn't happy about your success stories or someone you may have had some issues with. It could also be a Cyber Cafe Personnel who assisted you but you refused to pay up your bills or an act of outright wickedness from humans.

Once such a person has access to your profile, it is easy to click on the "resign button", and give one or two reasons for resigning from the Npower programme, that's the end of the beneficiary's Npower journey.

Did you log into devices you do not trust any more, just change your password.

How to Change Npower Log in Password

2. Click "Forgot Password"

3. Choose a means of "Verification" preferably Npower registered Email Address

4. Input Email Address

5. Click "RESET Password

6. Check your inbox for link that would enable you reset your password.

After changing your new password, keep it safe, stay safe and change it from time to time.

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