NYIF Loan: FMYSD begins Training today | What you need to know

The Federal Ministry of Youth and Sports Development (FMYDS) will today 15th November, 2021 commence training of the recently shortlisted 10,000 candidates for the disbursement of the Nigerian Youth Investment Fund Loan.

View and Download Full List of 10,000 shortlisted candidates here http://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/188zcLNhRoNE2sJ5zeTJSqM23ZCvI0sL4/edit#gid=1038017082

While Training of the selected applicants is batched, only selected Candidates to participate in the current session have been sent invitation and details for participation via their e-mail addresses.

Shortlisted Applicants who have recieved Training invitation or yet to recieve, should visit https://youtu.be/5zY-QXGLWao to learn how to log in and use the e-learning portal https://fmysdenterprisetraining.ng for the Nigeria Youth Investment Fund (NYIF Loan) Scheme Entrepreneurship Development Training. 

All shortlisted applicants should note that the Training is an unavoidable part of the NYIF Loan disbursement which every applicant must pass through in order to assess the Nigeria Youth Investment Fund.

The Training aims at upskilling the participants on how to make successful business projections, keep records and make calculations that ensures effective running of businesses.

Disbursement of the NYIF Loans comes only after the Training of the shortlisted applicants based on batch of Training. That means, the disbursement is also batched and every batch after the Training will recieve their loan into their submitted and correct Bank Accounts.

Each successful applicant after the Training will recieve Loan amount between N250,000 to N300,000 as the Ministry "caps" maximum loan at N300,000 to ensure many Nigerian Youths access the NYIF Loan.

Kindly note that the "Batching" is to reduce traffic on the Training portal and ensure a more organised and seamless loan disbursement.

Shortlisted Applicants who have not recieved training invitation should not panic. They should rather note that the training is in Batches and all shortlisted applicant must be trained.

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  1. Bad network has becomes a great challenge and hindrance to attend the online training


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