FMYSD shortlists Applicants for Human Capacity Training and Empowerment|View list

The Federal Ministry of Youth and Sports Development  (FMYSD) has released list of shortlisted applicants for the Federal Government Human Capacity Training and Empowerment Programme.

As an Economic Sustainability Plan financed through the COVID-19 Stitmulus budget, the Training focuses on 3 key areas in which applicants chose one during their application. They are:

1: Green Stimulus Framework

2: Digital Youth Nigeria

3: Work Experience Programme

Green Stimulus Framework: This programme is designed to develop a new breed of trained technicians with basic and advanced knowledge in renewable energy and smart agriculture.

It is divided into two components: Renewable/Solar Energy and Smart Agriculture. 

The renewable energy component will focus on solar energy development, management, and implementation, while the smart agriculture component will focus on improving agricultural yield and leveraging drone technology to improve Agribusiness.

Digital Youth Nigeria: This programme is designed to avail eligible Nigerian youths that will participate in standard training sessions to learn several global digital roles, including Business Process Outsourcing skills, Software and Coding skills, Animation/Graphics skills and Internet of Things/IT Hardware skills.

These highly practical skill-sets will develop their abilities to handle jobs which have a need for the outsourcing of specific digital services.

Work Experience Programme (WEP): This is an the Federal Ministry of Youth and Sports Development to equip Nigerian Youth with employability skills based on practical work experience.

It is a three-month internship programme that will provide participants with the opportunity to gain relevant firsthand knowledge, develop skills and workplace competencies that will greatly increase their potentials for a successful employment. 

How to Check List of Applicants 

2. Click on "Application Result Announced, click here"

3. Or directly skip No 2 by following https://fmysd-esp.com/application-results

4. Type Registered name in the "Search" space, it auto-pops up result of search.

5. An applicant can also make a search using his/her application I.D.

Every successful participant of these trainings is expected to be fully equipped with the skills to make a better living either as employees or as self-employed entrepreneurs and employers of labour.

The support to given to the successful applicants will aid them in setting up small-scale enterprises, which have the potential to grow bigger over time.

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