5 Key differences between N-power in the Past and N-power in the Present

Comparing the N-power of 2016 -2019 and the present N-power Programme is like comparing water and sand because the difference is clear.

Starting with the process of recruiting the N-power Beneficiaries in the past and present, one would not likely think of making a comparison on what's observably incomparable but for the purpose of facts, history and record, it is ideal to compare, contrast and commend.

Here are 5 major differences between the N-power of Yesterday and the N-power of Today

1.  Prompt update and flow of communication

The Prof Yemi Osibanjo/Afolabi Imoukhuede N-power of 2016 to 2019 was embellished with constant update on the happenings within the N-power Programme and Processes from day 1 till the last day.

The Npower Social Handles were like solution Centers and consultation office. Regardless of status, State or Tribe, almost all enquiries are attended to, without delay or restriction.

In 2020/2021, constant communication and update is no longer a right of the Applicants but a privileged that an applicant would kneel and beg for.

2. Event Schedule 

During the recruitment of Batch A and B in 2016 and 2018 respectively, the Social channels were constantly updated. All events from month to month were scheduled and publicised.

But in 2020/2021, Applicants barely understand the processes as it turned in house affairs that only the mighty get to know what's up or what's what.

Currently, there are no clear Schedule, no fixed dates for anything, no time frame, only strict rules with unpredictable eventualities.

3. Openness and Inclusiveness

In 2016-2019, N-power was designed as a synergy between the three tiers of government viz: the Federal, State and the Local Governments in everything.

The State Focal Persons and State N-SIP Offices were the hub of information when approached - because they were promptly intimated on almost everything using corporate channels, with openness and open mindedness.

All plans, dates and Schedule were communicated to them to enable them feed their States with genuine and reliable information at all times.

In 2020/2021 N-power, enquiries made to the State Focal Persons and State N-SIP Offices revealed that the States are not properly intimated. They barely know any factual response to the numerous applicants yearning for credible information.

According to one of the Focal Persons, "we have complained about this but they said they will improve, yet no result. We hardly know how things are going because we are denied intimation unlike in the past."

4. Target and Deadline

In 2016 to 2019, all schedules of N-power events were clearly defined, writen and deadlines projected. If there was need for adjustments, it would always and appropriately be communicated to the participants.

N-power in 2016 to 2019 was not really a way of poverty alleviation, it was a way of job creation. It was a way of finding solution to the unemployment explosion in Nigeria. It was a way of employment.

It reflected in the tenacity and vehemence used in cordinating the programme then. All beneficiaries were expected to be diligent to enable them obtain the requisite skills for permanent employment. 

In a bid to actualize this plan, the Batch A duration was extended indefinitely pending when the plans for their permanent engagement were concluded.

Following the Government's decision not to throw the 500,000 beneficiaries back to the job market as at then, they were placed on "work and earn" obligation, recieving their N30,000 Stipend while the Government sorted ways for their permanent employment. That was before the Tornado struck in 2020!

Currently in 2020/2021, most activities barely have pre-projected deadlines. May be because of lack of prompt updates on when and how things are done or will be done.  

Many applicants only wallow in rumours and lies peddled by mongers with unaltruistic and masked motives.

5. Design and Purpose

 The design and purpose of the 2020/2021 N-power Programme is unclear to above 70% of the Applicants. 

Many of the Applicants still find it had to believe that the 2020/2021 N-power Programme will last for only 12 Months as they said they were not aware.

Little do current applicants know that N-Agro is currently an "Undergraduate" category and every applicant of the component may be treated as others in the undergraduate category - with related package-  regardless of the qualification one applied with.

In the past, those essential and delicate bindings were publicly spelt via the Npower verified and official social channels.

As a mater of urgency, "soon", "on top gear" "on high gear" are becoming disastrous languages that many find hard and would find hard to understand as the wait-game weigh on the expection of numerous wanting youths.

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