N-power Batch C: 2 months after, N-power speaks through its verified Social Handles

N-power has today addressed the Applicants of the Batch C N-power Programme who have long been thrown into six and seven following the unabated silence and communication gap that have fuelled misinformation of the numerous applicants.

There has been a trending rumour circulated through the Social Media which claims that Physical Verification of the batch C N-power Beneficiaries has commenced in some States of the Federation.

Responding to the false claim, N-power through its verified social handle stated:

"Dear Prospective Batch C Beneficiaries, Kindly disregard any information that did not originate from our verified social media channels.

"We are currently not conducting any physical verification.

"Any information currently making the rounds about physical verification should be considered FAKE NEWS!" # NPowerNG

The Handlers of the Social channels have addressed the numerous applicants of the N-power Programme only in the past 2 months, which gave chances for rumours to be peddled uncheckmated.

Delivering the "Disclaimer" to the Applicants of the Batch C N-power Programme, N-power however did not disclose any date for the commencement of the Physical Verification, deadline of the Biometric Enrollment nor further update on the N-power Batch C engagement Processes.

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While the National Social Investment Management System (NASIMS) has confirmed that the Physical Verification will be a part of the 2020/2021 N-power Batch C engagement processes, it has also disclosed no date for the commencement of the process.

Also mentioned as part of the Batch C engagement are Deployment of the 500,000 Stream 1 N-power Beneficiaries and Shortlisting of  another 500,000 applicants to make up the Stream 2 of the Batch C N-power Programme.

However, till date, no official schedule nor date have been released to the Applicants of the Programme on the conduct of the Batch C engagement strategies which has intensified rumour peddling among the millions of the Applicants waiting to be addressed.

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