N-power Batch C: Yes, there will be Physical Verification - NASIMS confirms | Deployment and More

The National Social Investment Management System (NASIMS) has reconfirmed that Physical Verification of the candidates participating in the Stream 1 of the Batch C N-power Programme will take place in the various Candidates' Local Government of Residence.

According to NASIMS, the Physcal Verification involves sighting of all the Documents uploaded by each of the shortlisted applicants which will be conducted by accredited Officers in their respective Local Governments of Residence.

The N-power Management however has not scheduled any date for the Phyiscal Verification against viral claim that it will be conducted on the 25th June, 2021.

In fact, as at this moment, no date has been declared as a deadline for the Biometric Enrollment. Physical Verification will only take place after the Biometric Enrollment has ended.

How Physical Verification is done

Just as stated by NASIMS, it involves sighting (verifying, cross-checking, validating) all documents uploaded by a Candidate during the Record Update. 

Note that Biometric Capturing was meant to validate your BVN and your Account details, which can be easily done online.

During Physical verification, the authenticity of Documents such as Means of Identification, Residential LGA/Address, Academic Certificates, NYSC Discharge Certificate are sighted and verified. 

You will be required to provide Originals of the above for "sighting" and submit Photocopies in an Office file with 2 Passports Photographs attached to the Officers.

It will be conducted by accredited Officers from the State NSIP Offices and National Orientation Agency.

How Deployment is done

The successful 500,000 stream 1 N-power Beneficiaries will be deployed to their PPA (Place of Primary Assignment) specifically in their States and Local Goverments of Residence.

Those in N-Teach will be deployed to Government Primary and Secondary Schools within their Local Governments of Residence and will be under the State Ministry of Education and their bodies.

Those in N-Health will be deployed to Government Health Facilities/Centers in their Local Governments of Residence, under the State Ministry of Health.

While those in N-Agro will be posted to Agricultural Zones, Circles and Blocks in their Local Governments of Residence, under the State Ministry of Agriculture. 

During the release of the final list to the State NSIP Offices, to be recieved by State Focal Persons, it will contain your deployment information which will be displayed in your NASIMS Profile.

NSIP Offices will dispatch to all concerned State Ministries. The Ministries will mandate all the Heads of PPAs (Head Masters, Principals, OICs, HODs/Zonal Cordinators) to accept each N-power Beneficiary deployed to their Schools, Facilities or Agricultural Zones.

Each N-power Beneficiary is expected to visit his/her PPA with posting letter to be issued by the specified State Ministry, signed and Stamped.

The Head of PPA will in turn issue an Acceptance Letter, signed and Stamped which will be uploaded in the NASIMS Portal. A copy of the Acceptance Letter may be returned to the State Ministry.

Yes, the PPA can be changed, if the need be, but through appropriate proceedures which will be later discussed in details. 

Other sub-categories of N-power such as N-tech, N-Creative etc run a separate kind of programme which involves in-house training. This training is done in a specified period, 3-6 months at a designated location. Stipends of usually N10,000 is paid with all necessary working tools, Laptops etc provided as the case may be.

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