NMFB COVID-19 Targeted Credit Facility: How to resolve loan disbursement issues

There have been several complaints by the applicants of the COVID-19 Targetted Credit Facility Loan which many of them have been unable to get a lasting solution for.

Some have given up hope after several Months of waiting for their disbursement even when it is very clear their loans have been approved. We are here to say, never give up hope on anything because there is always a way to get around everything with patience.

If your loan has been approved but the disbursement is pending, here are 4 options which will communicate your issues to Nirsal Microfinance Bank for direct resolution.

1. The Nirsal Microfinance Bank Email Address: An e-mail address has been provided by the bank to enable applicants having issues tender their complaints.

All you have to do is to detail your problem/issue to info@nmfb.com.ng and wait for a reply from the bank. When writing your complaints, ensure to include your loan application details such as Phone Number, Full Names and BVN used during application.

If you had supplied Account details after accepting the offer, include the account details.

2. Nirsal Microfinance Bank Twitter Handle: Twitter has become the most effective way of contacting the Government or its agencies and NMFB has recently been very active on their Social handles including Twitter.

Your issues can be solved by sending a Direct Message, detailing your issues through the official handle mobile.twitter.com/NirsalMFB.

When Twitter handle opens, locate the Message Icon below the Profile Pics. Click on it and type in your complaint, and send as a direct message. Ensure to include your essential details as in No 1.

3. Nirsal Microfinance Bank Facebook Handle: NFMB has also been active on their Facebook Handle recently.

Just open m.facebook.com/NirsalMFinanceBank. Locate the Message Icon beside "Book now" button, type in your complaint and send as a Private Message. Also, ensure to include your essential application details.

Note that while these Methods have become the most effective ways of contacting the Nirsal Microfinance Bank, due to the volume of complaint recieved on daily bases, there would be a waiting time. So be patient.

Also, avoid Weekends and Public Holidays when sending your complaints as the Staff will be inactive resulting in pile up of complaints.

These channels can also be utilised by the applicants of other Schemes handled by the bank to tender their complaints.

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4. The forth method of contacting NFMB is to Visit your State Nirsal Microfinance Bank Office. While this is supposed to be the most effective method, it is little below expectation.

In all, patience is needed to enable the Bank respond to your complaints and resolve your issues.

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  1. I have already applied since last eight months ago they approved all my colleague only me is remain if I use my bvn they are saying does not exist why since that time no any messages nothing


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