Trending now: Popular Comedianne, Ada Jesus dies

A Nigerian comedienne, Mercy Cynthia Ginikachukwu, popularly known as Ada Jesus, is dead two days after celebrating her birthday. 

Young Ada Jesus had been battling kidney disease that left her incapacitated before her death.

Harrison Gwamnishu, one of the many Nigerians who had shown huge concern on the case of Ada Jesus, broke the news today through his Instagram handle.

“Thank you, everyone. Rest in Power Mercy Nmesoma Nnadi @adajesuscomedy”, Harrison wrote.

Harrison in a chat with The Punch confirmed that Ada Jesus died this morning at 7:15 am.

He said, “Yes, she is dead. She died this morning at about 7:15 am I was at the hospital at the time she died. Yesterday evening she was strong, happy and laughing with us. She celebrated her birthday two days ago. We bought cake and drinks for her and she was happy. Everybody was happy with her as well. Yesterday evening she was still happy and when I was about to leave the hospital she did not want me to go but I had to lie to her that I was going to call the doctor, and then I left the hospital. At about 11 pm, her husband called me that they wanted to give her an injection and it cost N50,000 but they did not have the money so I had to transfer it to them.

“After she received the injection, they said that her breathing was very bad, I had to leave where I was at about 12:15 am to rush down to the hospital. At the time the doctors gave her oxygen to ensure that she was breathing fine. At about 1:30 am they moved her to the intensive care unit ward where they kept her. It was this morning that they confirmed that she had died.”

Controversy Surrounding Ada Jesus's Ailment 

Earlier before her death, the comedienne had been implicated in several controversial allegations against several people, including veteran actress, Rita Edochie and Anambra-based prophet, Chukwuemeka Odumejeje.

Ada Jesus claimed that Anambra-based prophet, Chukwuemeka Odumejeje, connived with Rita Edochie to stage fake miracles. Ada Jesus further alleged that she helps Edochie get men to sleep with her.

Due to these allegations, Edochie and Odumejeje vowed never to forgive the skit maker for her utterances.

In a turn of events, the veteran actress, Rita Edochie, stated that she has forgiven Ada Jesus ‘from her heart of heart.’ The actress then went on to warn those who criticise men of God. Moreso, Odumejeje also forgave the young lady. It was reported that the prophet also gifted her parents N1m for her treatment which they however rejected.

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