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Many applicants of the Batch C N-power Programme who recently logged into their NASIMS dashboards through the www.nasims.gov.ng portal have raised questions on the recent activation on their dashboards.

"We are currently screening applicants.
Hi there, thank you for applying to be a beneficiary of N-POWER Batch C programme. We are looking through the list of applicants and it might take a while. If you qualify to move on the next stage, we will reach out to you."

While many thought it means the review of the Test Results prior to releasing the pre-selection list, it is pertinent to note that the activation is not a new phase of the engagement processes.

The "Screening" of applicants is thesame Online Test you have taken through the Test portal https://onlinetest.nasims.gov.ng. It does not mean a call for new test or retaking of the test. Once you have submited the test, it can not be retaken again.

The activation however came late for applicants that have taken the test but it is line with the complete design of the portal. So, do not panic.

"How long does the Screening last?
This test is time-based and you are expected to answer 20 questions within 20 minutes. Test cannot be retaken after submission. You cannot skip any question. Every question is allotted equal score. If you are timed out after the third attempt without submitting, you will not be able to take the test again."

"What details are being Screened?
You will be tested in mathematics, English, General Knowledge, Verbal Reasoning and Quantitative reasoning. Note however that test question are tailored to suit applicants categories which includes: Graduate and Non Graduate applicants."

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For applicants that have taken the Test, goodluck to you all. If you have not taken the Test, the truth is, there is still a chance for taking the test. However, if you did not make it in the N-power Batch C, you can courageously wait for Batch D to be launched soon.

"If I fail Screening what happens? 
All Successful candidate will be contacted via mail for informational on nest steps. Please check you mail regularly and should there be any other question, please call 018885011 or send a message to support.npower@nasims.gov.ng"

The current N-power programme (Batch C, D, onwards) is no more two years. It is only 1 year for Graduate Categories - N-Teach and N-Health, and 6 months for Non-graduate categories - N-Agro and others. Before the completion of the Batch C, names will be shortlisted for Batch D. Batch D is not the end of N-power Programme. It will continue for new entrants as millions of Nigerian are targeted to be lifted from poverty.

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