How to easily buy MTN Data/Airtime as Banks/Telcos Feuds continue

The feud between Nigerian Banks and MTN over the N42 Billion banks are owning MTN has lingered lately, prompting MTN to sort for alternative channels which could enable their customers easily purchase Data and Airtime for their MTN lines.

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Below is the list and links to access the various alternative platforms, as circulated by the MTN:

1. MTN On Demand is on *904# and also via https://mtnondemand.flutterwave.com;

2. Barter By Flutter Wave is an app that can be downloaded here: http://tosto.re/getbarter;

3. Jumia Pay (app);

4. OPay (app);

5. MTN Xtratime airtime loans (*606#);

6. Carbon (app);

7. Kuda (app)

8. BillsnPay (web https://www.billsnpay.com/. They also have an app);

9. myMTN Web http://mymtn.com.ng;

10. Momo agent *223#

However, while all these are beautiful, they require your Bank Debit Card details to load your eWallet Account which some people may not be willing to use.

There is one that requires you to transfer money to your eWallet by just making a bank transfer to a personalised account given to each user. That is what I use. It is effective, reliable and a hub for business as data can be purchased at a very reduced rate, serving as a good channel for data reselling business.

This channel is Subarena www.subarena.com. You may have heard about it but do not know how to use it. You may also have heard people selling MTN 1GB SME for 30days as low as N350 or 5GB SME for 30 days as low as N1,700 which works fine in your Phones. I'm teaching you business shey! Just an Easter gift for you.

Before we go down further, there are two important things to know about MTN Data. It has packages and one of them is called SME. This package was created by MTN to enable Small and Medium Enterprises spend less and do more. It's duration is real and price ridiculously low to fulfil the purpose of boosting SMEs. To check data balance here, use *461*4#

Alternatively in Subarena, you can opt for "Gifting", a usual MTN data package which it's balance can be checked using *131*4# but cheaper than you buy from banks. Yes banks are making their own profit too when you use their channels.

Let's go down to how to use Subarena.

2. Click on "Register", fill in your details and Click on "Register" down the page to submit your details. 

3. Click on Sign in, enter the User Name and Password you have created in Step 2 above and log into your dashboard. 

Welcome to your Dashboard! Read through your dashboard and see account number personalised to you which you can make a bank transfer to, and it will be immediately credited to your Wallet. There are other channels for funding account but this has been made easy and safe to users through the above method.

After Funding you eWallet account, on your Dashboard, click on "Buy Data", You will be required to create a Transaction Confirmation PIN which only you should know. It will be required for final authentication of each of your Transactions.

To Buy Data, Click on "Buy Data", Select Network, Enter Mobile Phone Number your want to buy data for, then select data Plan. The prices choke you? Yes, it should. It is low but 100% real. Now you know how your banks and other resellers have been robbing you. If you big a business after reading this, please do not inflate the price too much to make much customers and make a difference.

Sorry for digressing ooo. Now after you selected your Data Plan, Click on "Buy now", Confirm the Transaction and enter your Transaction Pin. Your Transaction Recept will be displayed, data credited. Enjoy your Data.

To buy Airtime, Click on "Buy Airtime" Enter Phone Number, Enter Amount you want to buy. You will receive a discounted price. Wow! Click on  "Buy Now" and confirm your Transaction as stated above.

Hope you enjoyed the free Tutorial. If you have any challanges, kindly use the comment section of this post to notify us. Enjoy your New business.

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