Enugu: Prostitution on the increase, Residents cry out as lady's body found dead in a gutter

Residents of Enugu State have decried the increasing rate of prostitution among young girls between the ages of 16 to 35 years who turn nights to day time in a morally depraving and demeaning livelihood.

According to Mr Ikechukwu Ogbonna, a resident within the location of a popular club, Cubana Club, the influx of young beautiful girls who are suspected to be students in the States from 7pm each day to club is quite alarming. 

Ikechucku added that the high rate of prostitution in the State extends to major parts of Enugu including the areas of RichCrest Club, Villa Toscana, Spices Eatery and more while calling on the State Government to save the future of their children from demon possessed girls who have advertised immorality as a source of livelihood in the peace loving State.

Another Resident of the area, Mark Onyekwelu who works as motor mechanic stated that the rate of Prostitution in the State is putting fear in hearts of young men looking for good girls to marry.

Mark noted that asides the wearing of Anklets on their legs or waist beeds, those girls who engage in this illicit activity are normal beautiful and marriable young girls who have only resorted to using their beauty to attract men who pay then N5,000 to N10,000 as Runs girls.

Mrs Ifeoma Anyaegbu, a resident of Obiagu area of the State noted that thos girls have only ventured in an old trade which will only destroy their lives as those who did it the past lived to regret it.

Lamenting incidence of killings of young girls in the State, Mrs Ifeoma disclosed that just on Monday morning, a body of a young student of Institute of Management and Technology (IMT), Orji Chiamaka Precious Gold was found dead in a gutter around Roots Cafe, Opposite Spar Shopping Mall in the State.

Mrs Ifeoma noted that most of these young girls have become prey to ritualists and Yahoo boys who use them to increase their ill-gotten wealths yet many of them have failed to listen, trooping in from many parts of Enugu to the main city for an illicit business.

The mother of 4 warned parents especially Mothers in the State to take charge and perform their duties as worthy parents in the lives of their daughters by meeting their needs and knowing their where abouts at all times.

Mrs Ifeoma encouraged the good people of Enugu State to voice out en masse to condemn this illicit act while calling on the Ugwuanyi led Administration to checkmate night activities in the State and enforce conformity to moral standards Enugu People are known for as Christians.

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