N-power NEXIT: 10 New Facts about NEXIT that will shock you | Updated

The anticipation for the NEXIT Plan has created huge social tension among the N-power Beneficiaries resulting in many lies being paraded by even those such display of wanton deciet is least expected from.

There is no gain saying that the Federal Government has no plan for the exited N-power Beneficiaries but the N-power volunteer are hereby encouraged to get facts right in order not to misquote anyone at any time or apportion unwarranted blames on who does not deserve it.

Here are ten new facts about the NEXIT Plan that all exited Batch A and B N-power Beneficiaries should know:

1.Contrary to many media speculation and deception, no current statement has been raised about the NEXIT Plan by the Minister of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development, Sadiya Umar Farouk. She has mostly centered on the launch of Batch C on the NASIMS portal and how NASIMS Portal www.nasims.gov.ng will smoothen the running of the N-power Programme. 


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2. The Minister has never mentioned a loan or grant of N300,000 to be given to all exited N-power beneficiaries as exit packege at any given time as widely quoted by many. There has never been any official statement relating to the above any where. Every news about it are nothing but lies.

3. There is currently no scheduled date for NEXIT application portal https://nexit-fmhds.cbn.gov.ng to close. It has never been officially stated any where at any time. It is a known fact that many are still unable to update their records.

4. News about NEXIT loan disbursement date is Fake and all news about NEXIT Loan credit alerts are nothing but lies created and are peddled by agents of confusion.

5. Nexit Plan for now is complicated. There is a change of plan about NEXIT Plan. Initially, the proposed NEXIT Plan was to directly link the exited N-power Beneficiaries to the CBN Intervention Programmes such as AGSMEIS Loan and the Anchor Borowers Programme.

However, the Honourable Minister in a recent statement widely captured in many dailies and blog updates noted that 200,000 beneficiaries will be engaged as financial services operators under the Shared Agent Network Expansion Facility (SANEF); 30,000 to be engaged beneficiaries as geospatial experts and enumerators in the Economic Sustainability Plan’s Mass Agric programme while others will have the option of benefiting from the Government Enterprise and Empowerment Programme (GEEP) micro-enterprise loans.


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6. There is currently no disclosed and exact strategy in the implementation of the New plan as mentioned above since no other official statement has been made about it.

7. The Central Bank of Nigeria has not released a template design, Policies, Terms and Condition that will guide beneficiaries of any of the proposed plans. As at now, all we know is that there is a plan but no date  nor time.

8.  There is currently no appointment letter anywhere for the 30,000 beneficiaries to be engaged as geospatial experts and enumerators in the Economic Sustainability Plan’s Mass Agric programme nor official definitive statement made about the design and implementation. All we have heared are proposal statements, plans upon plans.

9. NEXIT Application is still on going and some N-power Beneficiaries still have e-mail, e-mail verification, record update issues or other several issues. 

10. Being an N-power Beneficiary does not in any way interfere with your ability to benefit from other programmes such as the Nigeria Youth Investment Fund, COVID-19 Targetted Credit Facility Loan, AGSMEIS etc.

NEXIT may come but currently, there is no stated date nor time.

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