Beware: CAC Certificate fraud takes a new height

There is no doubt that the recent Federal Government Schemes especially the MSME Survival Funds Scheme has centered on Corporate Affairs Commision Certificate of business registration and has reaffirmed the undying importance of the CAC Certificate to a business owner in Nigeria.

However, Fraudsters have seen the demand for CAC as a viable venture to place their baits for unsuspecting Nigerians who are not only desperate to benefit from the on going Federal Government Schemes but also to prepare themselves for future schemes having discovered the importance of the CAC Certificate.

Asides individual Fraudsters who claim to offer CAC Certificates at ridiculous discounted rates and processing duration, the Corporate Affairs Commision's Facebook page has been cloned and has attracted many victims in less that 72hours.

The Fake and Fraudulent Facebook page https://bit.ly/2ZkTed8 is currently being organically promoted by another Facebook Page named "Business Wise. Com"  https://bit.ly/3dmU3dM which changed it's name from "Nigerian Youths Investment Fund" after taking turns on unsuspecting Nigerians on Fake NYIF Training Certificates obtainable through a fraudulent website with a Paystack plug-in for effecting payments.

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Currently, the Fake Corporate Affairs Commision page has many updates all made in less than 72hours which are copies of several posts from the real CAC Facebook Page and has about 1,000 page likes. 

Meanwhile, the real Corporate Affairs Commision Facebook Page  https://bit.ly/3pqjvS7 has more than 25,000 page likes.

Applying for and obtaining a CAC Certificate has been made simpler through the upgraded official website https://www.cac.gov.ng and can be printed directly by an individual who wishes to have it.

Should you in any case need help, we advise that you engage a Lawyer or a Personality you can trust order than being defrauded out of desperation by cyber fraudsters in hoods who offer ridiculous discounts on a business they will never accomplish.

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