MSME Survival Fund: States and Number of Beneficiaries needed in the New Application

It has been widely broadcast and published that the MSME Survival Funds Payroll Supports Scheme would in no distant time commence acceptance of new application through the official application portal https://www.survivalfund.gov.ng in order to fill in for States that have not completes their quotas.

Analysis from the MSME Survival Funds Project Delivery Office has shown that each State is expecting about 13,000 Beneficiaries in the arithmetics of 500,000 Total Payroll Supports Beneficiaries divided by 36 States of the Federation plus FCT (i.e. 37), except for few States such as Lagos, Kano, etc that would recieve higher number of Beneficiaries.

However, according to the State by State break down of the Payroll Supports Scheme as released by the Project Delivery Office, many States were short of the required number of beneficiaries, necessitating the decision of welcoming new applications.

The infographic clips released by the PDO through their official Handle https://mobile.twitter.com/SurvivalFund_ng has been summarized as follows: - indicating current number of Beneficiaries in each State, States expecting more beneficiaries marked as "Open" and States that have exhausted their quotas marked as "Closed."

While the intention of the Steering Committee of the MSME Survival Funds and Guaranteed Offtake Stimulus Scheme headed by the Honourable Minister of State, Federal Ministry of Trade and Investment, Ambassador Mariam Katagum has been widely announced by SMEDAN Offices such as SMEDAN Taraba State, SMEDAN North East Zonal Office, Bauchi etc and circulated through many media channels that the New Application would commence from 26th/27th of January all through 2nd February, 2021, the Project Delivery Office, as at time of this publication has not issued Official Statements through their Official Twitter and Facebook Handles.

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