N-Power NEXIT: NEXIT Portal too sensitive, poses more threat and delay - Daily Info Update

Let me once again state that "the NEXIT Portal https://nexit-fmhds.cbn.gov.ng is genuine, not a Scam as some think, and 100% secure. The sub-domain "nexit-fmhds" is directly connected to the almighty millions of Naira CBN website cbn.gov.ng." There is no reason to be afraid of your BVN or whatsoever.

But following the launch of the portal, anxiety posed by the failure of email verification system has led many beneficiaries in more peril which would unavoidably cause delay, unless there is a complete data reset on the website but there won't be as it would jeopardize the trust on the system.

The observed situations that would plunge many beneficiaries into serious delay or even denial include the following:

1. Many attempts to log in: 

It's understandable that many beneficiaries are interested in the NEXIT option even though there hasn't been a clear explanation of what the new born baby looks like. But would you want to spoil your new born baby before it arrives?

Once your e-mail has not been verified, you can never log in. All these are security measures to prevent unwarrenred subscription to the Program intended solely for the exited Batch A and B N-power Beneficiaries.

There is a limit to login attempts and once exceeded, no login can be granted until Support is contacted and you know how long it would take. Example is below:

What to do for now is, stop attempting to login until the portal regains expected functionality.

2. Multiple request for resending of email Verification: 

Request for resending email verification link has a limit too. Once exceeded, you would need to contact supports to be able to get your e-mail verified. A lot of beneficiaries are victims already.

Please and please, be careful with the NEXIT Portal. It is very secure and too sensitive to multiple attempts which would be detected by coded robots as 'malicious' until Support is contacted. Don't forget you would need to prove it's you and it would take at least  two weeks to clear about a thousand victims out of 500,000 N-power Beneficiaries. You just need to be patient to enable them fix the website.

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If you have made the mistake already, kindly contact supports by sending a mail to support@n-sip.gov.ng explaining the exact situation in the content of your mail.

You may have encountered a response such as, "oops error occured!!! The name you entered is not a registered beneficiary", please calm down and relax. As long as your NPVN profile says you are still enrolled, do not panic, your problem is a data transfer error and will be rectified.

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NEXIT or N-Exit is an initiative of the Federal Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development in collaboration with the Central Bank of Nigeria, in a bid to transit the exited Batch A and B N-power  Beneficiaries into economic, empowerment and entrepreneurship opportunities presented by the apex bank.

The access to the opportunities is optional and guided by criteria and conditions set by the Central Bank of Nigeria.

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