Breaking: N-power NEXIT Email verification commences | Adhere to measures - Daily Info Update

The N-power social space has been excited this evening following the rectification of the e-mail verication phase of the N-Exit application for the Exited N-power Batch A and B Beneficiaries.

Upon opening the NEXIT Portal https://nexit-fmhds.cbn.gov.ng last week, the e-mail verification system failed thereby stalling the re-activated hope of the exited Batch A and B beneficiaries of the N-power Program.

We are glad to announce that it has officially regained functionality but patience is demanded. Do not be in a haste.

If you had completed the process of Registration initially, kindly open your mail, check through your 'Inbox', 'Spam', 'update', 'important' or 'promotion' part of your e-mail. If it hasn't arrived, open the portal https://nexit-fmhds.cbn.gov.ng and make only one request for e-mail verification and check your email again. If it hasn't arrived, please be patient and wait.

Kindly note that the following can further delay your progress in the N-Exit Journey:

1. Many attempts to log in: 

It's understandable that many beneficiaries are interested in the NEXIT option even though there hasn't been a clear explanation of what the new born baby looks like. But would you want to spoil your new born baby before it arrives?

Once your e-mail has not been verified, you can never log in. All these are security measures to prevent unwarrenred subscription to the Program intended solely for the exited Batch A and B N-power Beneficiaries.

There is a limit to login attempts and once exceeded, no login can be granted until Support is contacted and you know how long it would take. Example is below:
What to do for now is, stop attempting to login until the portal regains expected functionality.

2. Multiple request for resending of email Verification: 

Request for resending email verification link has a limit too. Once exceeded, you would need to contact supports to be able to get e-mail you e-mail verified. A lot of beneficiaries are victims already.

Please and please, be careful with the NEXIT Portal. It is very secure and too sensitive to multiple attempts which would be detected by coded robots as 'malicious' until Supports is contacted. Don't forget you would need to prove it's you and it would take at least  two weeks to clear about a thousand victims out of 500,000. You just need to be patient to enable them fix the website.

If you have made the mistake already, kindly contact supports by sending a mail to support@n-sip.gov.ng explaining the exact situation in the content of your mail.

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  1. Thanks for the update. But my problem is I can't access my naij mail due to changes that happend two years back. I need solutions to this please. I have also send mail to support@n-sip.gov.ng yet no reply please help a brother

    1. If you have emailed support, just calm down.

  2. Thanks... But please where do we make the request for email verification on the portal.

  3. Thanks... But please where do we make the request for email verification on the portal.

  4. Thanks... But please where do we make the request for email verification on the portal.

    1. If you click on login, enter your N-power registered Email address and registered password, a pop-up will appear, telling you that your e-mail address has not been verified. Enter your e-mail address and request for verification link.

      Alternatively, you can just click on https://nexit-fmhds.cbn.gov.ng/auth/activation, enter your e-mail address and request for verification link.

  5. I have tried longin again and again still i can't find my verification in my yahoo e-mail

    1. Please be patient, it will soon be sorted out.


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