Breaking: N-power Youth Congress insists on a mega protest, distances from 36 States Representatives

  The N-power Youth Congress (N-PYC) has distanced from the 36 States N-power Representatives following the continuous interruption and cancellation of organised protests by the said group, while insisting that the 7th December 'Ceaseless' protest must be held accordingly to further press their peril and demands to the Federal Government. 

This is contained in a press release yesterday by the N-power Youth Congress(N-PYC) and reads:

"This is to notify the general public that the 7th December, 2020 Ceaseless protest is not organize by any of the 36 States and FCT NPOWER Reps or Coordinators.

"The 7th December, 2020 ceaseless protest is organized by all the exited Batch A&B NPOWER volunteers and the prospectives Batch C beneficiaries because the fate of Batch A&B determine the future of Batch C in the program.

"By this public announcement we hereby cancel any future disclaimer right by any of the 36 States and FCT reps, coordinators or focal persons that may arise in the future to interrupt or disrupt our long awaited 7th December, 2020 Ceaseless protest.

"It is not crime to want to have a future, we can not fold our hands and watch these blood sucking demons of Nigeria government to waste the future of 500,000 Nigerian youths.

"We will fight even with our last breath to take back our glorious future, we have been used and dumbed..., we were promised community police, they still turned back and hijacked it, we were promised enhancement, yet nothing of such happened, we promised transition into MDAs but all to no avail, they promised us permanency during 2019 general election just to be disengaged amidst the dreaded covid19 pandemic without anything to fall back on, they promised to give devices to batch B but not even one person got it, they kept deceiving us till we got over 35 years of age when their employability age limit is 29 years.

"How can a reasonable government be this wicked to it own citizens despite our efforts to deliver the government during the last general election.

"Join the exited Npower volunteers on the struggle via this telegram link

"Nigeria must be good for all Nigerians, the glorious future of this great nation lie on the shoulders of the youths, we must not be lazy on the struggle for a better future."

The National Cordinator of N-power Youth Congress (N-PYC), Joseph Enan Maigari had in a previous statement condemned a fake news tittled "Npower Protest: No Protest (Stay Calm)" which stated that he (Joseph Enan Maigari) has ordered the N-power Beneficiaries not to demand their rights from the Federal Government as bona fide citizens of Nigeria, the only country they can call their own.

Maigari in the Statement pointed out that "Protest is the right of any aggrieved citizens and therefore if Volunteers wish to march for their demands to be met, it's their prerogative to do so" adding that at no time did he issue a statement to dissuade the beneficiaries from demanding a fair treatment from Nigerian Leaders.

His words read:

"National Coordinator Hon.Joseph Enan Maigari wishes to advise Npower Volunteers to ignore determined agents of fake news bent on spreading false stories to Volunteers in order to gain cheap relevance.

"We react to the utter falsehood and disgraceful lies, a statement by so-called State Representatives titled "Npower Protest: No Protest ( Stay Calm)"

"This statement is sheer fabrication and brazen effort by some imposter's to mislead Volunteers.

"At no time did I issue such statement or directed anyone to issue it on behalf of our movement.

"Protest is the right of any aggrieved citizens and therefore if Volunteers wish to March for their demands to be met, it's their prerogative to do so.

"Cowards should stop using my name to validate their foolishness.
Don't let yourself to be manipulated by any medium that specializes in peddling fake news in the desperate quest for relevance or show off."

The N-Power Youth Congress (N-PYC) had in a media briefing in Maiduguri, Borno State demanded the recall of the disengaged 500,000 N-power beneficiaries across the country or N500b paid to them as exit package.

The National Cordinator of N-PYC, Joseph Enan Maigari while making the request in October expressed disappointment noting that it was the third briefing on the matter, yet, the Federal Government has refused to listen to our demands.

He said if the Federal Government could not absorb the disengaged beneficiaries, it should pay N500b grant to the 500,000 youths as exit package.

Reacting to President Mohammadu Buhari's address on the EndSARS Protest, the Congress frowned at the deaf ear given to the disengaged N-power Beneficiaries noting that no statement was made on their disengagement and plight while there were mention of N-power in the Presidential address.

The N-power Beneficiaries in a recall of all the unfulfilled promises made to them resulting in them committing the best of their zeals to the N-power program, have vowed to continue to demand the consideration of their plights through peaceful Protests until all are met.

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