Trending Now: Government website hacked, releasing details of SARS Officers #EndSARS

A popular hacker codenamed 'Anonymous' has hacked into the Nigerian Government website, releasing 371 Names of SARS Officers including addresses and bank information.

The hacker has also given the Nigerian Government 72hours to respond to all demands regarding #EndSARS protest or face what they won't be able to contain. 

The protest #EndSARS which has taken close to one week is an expression of long-endured anger by the Nigerian youths towards the extrajudicial activities and killings by the Special Anti-Robbery Squad  (SARS), a department of the Nigerian Police Force. 

The protest has however extended to the whole Nigerian Police Force through the #EndPolicebrutality.

The several Protests within the few days are by a clear observation, tending towards the #RevolutionNow agitation, an agitation against unabated corruption in Nigeria, decay in the governmental system, high rate of unemployment, lack of jobs and many more. 

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