Trending now: Anonymous to release money to Nigerians through Banks

The group of International Cyber Hackers codenamed #Anonymous has alerted Nigerians through  Twitter to get prepared for recieving cash credits into their bank accounts.

The tweet which has set the Cyber Space agog is coming after the group has taken hold on the Official website of the Nigerian Broadcasting Commision (NBC) since last week till now, and widely considered to be possible by many as they have proven their incredible cyber manoeuvring lately.

DSTV, Airtel and others are allegedly suffering similar menace as Nigerians embrace the streets to demand for not only justice for those brutalised by the impunity of the Nigerian Police especially the Special Anti-Robbery Squad  (SARS) but also justice for the oppressed in the country and overturn of the governmental system to favour all and sundry for a better Nigeria.

Anonymous in a tweet stated," If you 're banking with @FirstBankngr, get ready for a massive Credit Alert! #EndSARS #Endinsecurity. Retweet Agressively!"

Close to two weeks now, tension has risen in Nigeria as ready-to-die-for-better-Nigeria youths lay their beds in the streets in a bid to secure their future in the only country they can vehemently call their own. 

The Inspector General Of Police, IGP M.A Adamu, has however warned Police Officers  and their Commanders against the use of force on peaceful protesters reiterating that Citizens  have fundamental rights of freedom of expression, assembly and movement adding that it must always be upheld and protected by the Police Force.

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