#EndSARSnow: Protest deepens, sends signal to Nigerian Government

The #EndSARSnow protest which has taken an unbeatable trend in Nigeria and outside Nigeria depicts the imminent danger surrounding a keg of gun powder as Nigerian youths take a bold step to peacefully counter their 'terror'.

The Nigerian youths in a display of unprecedented displeasure have taken two good days on the protest that has attracted many foreign friends in UK and United States in sympathy and in support of the protest against youth suppression and oppression, in the only country they can fearlessly call their own.

For instance, Chelsea Football Club Fans tweeted, "Today I found out Nigeria has one of highest number of Chelsea fans, majority of which are youths. However these people who support our club are being harassed, brutalized and killed and I have been alerted to the #EndSARS campaign and fully offering my support, thoughts and love to the community over there."

Arsenal Fans Live also wrote,"Our Editorial Team stands with people of Nigeria against Police Brutality."

A foreigner cut in with an empathic inscription, '#EndSARSBrutality, some of my Nigerian crew can't return back to sea because SARS kill them. NIGERIAN YOUTHS NEED HELP."

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Today, Nigerian youths have united to protest against SARS in large numbers.Tomorrow it may be something bigger than SARS.

It may be a protest against looming unemployment rate and 'brutality' of our leaders towards the growth and development of Nigeria, a system where the rich keep getting richer and the poor getting poorer.

A system where N-power Program is for graduates of the poor while Immigration, Custom, NNPC, DSS, Federal Ministries, Departments and Agencies recruitments are for the Children of the rich.

Former President Obasanjo clearly wrote,"A country that has failed to take care of her youths is sitting on a keg of gun powder."

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