Breaking: NBC moves to prohibit broadcast of #EndSARS Events

The National Broadcasting Commission (NBC) has warned Media houses and outlets in Nigeria not to embarrass the government or individuals with the #EndSARS protests which turned bloody with many deaths  and injuries from military gunshots yesterday #Lekkimassacra, and in many parts of Nigeria.

In a press statement tittled 'Reminder of Rules of Coverage of Crises', NBC stated, "the National Broadcasting Commission monitors with keen interest the coverage and reportage of the on going protest on the EndSARS campaign and notes that Broadcasters have, so far, been conscious of their role as gatekeepers and fourth estate of the realm."

"In Specific terms, the Commission enjoins Broadcasters to take definite note of the following provisions of the Nigeria Broadcasting Code to further guide their broadcast during this challenging time:

"1.3.3: Broadcasting technology enables the Broadcaster to bring information on issues of concern to the audience with immediacy. In the event of crises, the advantage of broadcast technologies may be used but not in a manner to aggravate the situation or adversely affect those emotionally involved;

"5.4.1 (b): At all times, ensure that the coverage of  a disaster or crisis is aimed at the overall public interest, guidance and safety;

"5.4.3:  In reporting conflict situations, the Broadcaster shall perform the role of a peace agent by adhering to the principle of responsibility,  accuracy and neutrality; and

"5.6.2: The Broadcaster shall approach with restraints, the use of materials from user generated sources in order not to embarrass individuals, organisations, government or cause disaffection, incite to panic or rift in the society at large."

The commission further appealed to Broadcasters to continue to provide efficient,  professional and comprehensive service to the people based on National objectives and aspiration noting that it's the duty of Broadcasters to promote the corporate existence of Nigeria, and the socio-economic well-being of the Nigerian State.

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