Breaking: FMARDPace clears air on Data reuploading and Payments

The Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development in collaboration with Project for Agriculture Coordination and Planning (FMARDPace) has cleared the air on the pop-up requesting Enumerators of the Agric for Food and Job Plan to re-upload all data obtained before 14th September, 2020.

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Reacting to questions thronging the Ministry from aggrieved Enumerators on their Social handle, FMARDPace noted that uploading of data became difficult when the Odk App and portal were inefficient, resulting in the Enumerators being unable to upload all their captured data.

FMARDPace furthered that the cause of the inefficiency has been recently rectified and Enumerators who posses captured data that have not been successfully uploaded before 14th September, should proceed to re-upload the unsuccessful/unuploaded data while all previously successful data, remained in their database.

The Ministry has directed all Enumerators who may be finding the data upload uneasy or found concerns on their dashboard to send a detailed complaint with the following details: Name, Email Address, Phone Number, State and LGA to support@fmardpace.ng.

Reacting to complaint of the Enumerators who had lamented on the non-payment of their remuneration as earlier scheduled, FMARDPace assured all the Enumerators that all successfully uploaded data would be paid for, while encouraging them to remain patient while they finalise their payments.

Meanwhile, FMARDpace has warned that all Enumerators who did not recieve acknowledged letter and trained to start data collection but started on their own, are doing so on their waste of time as they would not be considered for payment.

FMARDPace added that it is against formal ethics that one would start data collection without training, pointing out that being onborded on the website and able to log in, does not mean one has been trained and endorsed to partake in the data collection process.

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