N-power Transition: N-power Beneficiaries to Update N-power ID Number, others

In furtherance to the Federal Government's plans to transit the exiting Batch A and B Beneficiaries of the N-power Program, the both batches would update their N-power Identification Number (eg: NPVN/BE/2016/027429) as written on their NPVN Profile as well as other necessarily data as requested by the Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development.

The Minister for Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development, Sadiya Umar Farouk, had through a press statement encouraged the beneficiaries to remain patient as the Federal Government finalises the transition plan with CBN, MDAs, Federal Empowerment Schemes as well as the Private Sector.

The new request for data update includes update of Employment Status as well as Transition Opportunity one is interested in which has revealed three key opportunity areas the government is exploring to transit the N-power beneficiaries as in, Public Sector (MDAs: Ministries, Departments and Agencies), Private Sector and Loans which the beneficiaries are expected to choose from.

Recall that the previous update made by the beneficiaries did not include the new requested data from the Government as recently intimated to the Benue State Focal person and conveyed to the beneficiaries in the State as follows:


In previous Press Releases, we had intimated our N-Power beneficiaries in Batches A and B about efforts by the Federal Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development to identify their aspirations and skills, develop a talent pool and subsequently secure placements for them based on their preferences.

2. This necessitated the call by the Ministry on N-Power enrolees who are interested in opportunities within the public sector (Ministries, Departments and Agencies) to indicate by sending their details to the Benue State Office of the National Social Investments Programme for onward submission to Abuja.

3. Beneficiaries who had earlier submitted their details for consideration into the public sector are requested to update their records by forwarding their N-Power recognised Phone Numbers and N-Power IDs to benuestatenpower@gmail.com or benuestatenpower@yahoo.com.


4. The next phase of the transition plan has commenced with the pooling of talents for beneficiaries interested in opportunities within the private sector and loans to start up their businesses. Beneficiaries who wish to be considered for these opportunities are required to forward the following to the Benue State N-Power Co-ordinating Unit:

(a) Name (Surname First)
(b) N-Power ID (eg NPVN/BE/2016/027429)
(c) N-Power Category (eg N-Teach)
(d) State of Assignment (Benue Beneficiaries only)
(e) Batch (A or B)
(f) Phone Numbers (N-Power Registered)
(f) Current Employment Status (Employed or Unemployed)
(g) Transition Opportunity Interested In (Private Sector/Business Loans)

The above information should be mailed to benuestatenpower@gmail.com or benuestatenpower@yahoo.com (only one submission).

5. All submissions should be made not later than 2:00pm on Monday, 31st August, 2020. Beneficiaries are to note that all receipts after this deadline will not be considered and double entries will also not be entertained."

Beatrice N. Tsavmbu
State Co-ordinator, N-Power
For: State Focal Person

The Beneficiaries are expected to remain patient while their State gets intimated for the update.

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