How the State Governments betrayed N-power Volunteers

There has been a lot of focus on the Federal Government over the plight of the N-power volunteers as the Batch A and B beneficiaries of the program end their N-power journey without a formidable exit strategy.

The Beneficiaries of the program who have dedicated at least two years in civil service in their various States and Local Governments across the Federation have been sidelined in most States in Nigeria during recruitments into various positions in the State Civil Services.

In some States, their were recruitments such as Teacher's recruitment, State Ministerial recruitments which never witnessed a massive consideration of the N-power Volunteers in those States

The blame on solely the Federal Government, even though the N-power program was an initiative of the Federal Government, should be reviewed by the volunteers who served in various States and Local Communities assisting School Children in gaining knowledge, Health Facilities in delivering efficient health services and Farmers acquiring new farming skills and techniques.

A successful governmental project or program is sparingly achievable without a collaborative effort of the three tiers of the government especially the State and the Local Government whom the projects or programs are basically targeted. 

The N-power Program was designed not to function mainly as a Federal Government project but as a State and Local Government program, serving people basically within the communities in the second and third tiers of the government, where the services are actually needed but lacking.

It was meant to serve as an employment strategy through a synergy between the three tiers of Government and the Private Sectors.

What were the contribution of the State Governors and Local Government Chairmen in ensuring that the N-power program became a success, knowing fully well that the beneficiaries engaged in the program were members of their communities regardless of party affiliation. 

Just recently, the Nigerian Union of Teachers in Ogun State condemned the disengagement of the N-power volunteers in the State as such created a wide gap in the teachers-Student ratio in the State, while urging the Federal Government to absorb the volunteers through the 1,500 Teachers recruitment ongoing in the State.

The Union of Teachers who commended the impacts of the vouluntters in the State and LGAs knew clearly that the beneficiaries deserved a permanent employment from the government.

If the State Government and the Local Government have absorbed a good percentage of the beneficiaries, it would have been a lot more easier to manage the rest rather than leaving the whole figure solely for the Federal Government, compounding Nigerians present situation.

The N-power program is not the only strategic initiative of the Federal Government that has been frustrated by the State Government for selfish reasons especially States that are not governed by the ruling party.

The Federal Government is just a name with only very few people. The State and Local Government house the largest percentage of the Nigerian Population.

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