Unpaid Stipend: Secret of non-payment revealed

The Handlers of the N-power program have revealed the truth about the non-payment of some beneficiaries who have been owed 3 months stipends of March, April and May, 2020.

In a statement released this evening, the Handlers of the program disclosed that the beneficiaries who have not been paid were those whose accounts were 'flagged' by the Government Integrated Financial Management Information System Server for so many reasons. 

They however did not state the exact reasons why their accounts were flagged by the System.

The unpaid beneficiaries had taken many measures to express their devastation over the non-payment of their 3 months Stipends, yet they have remained unpaid.

Just recently, one of the beneficiaries of the N-power program was granted an interview with Channels Television, where she expressed her deep disappointment and frustration the situation has caused the unpaid beneficiaries.

The Handlers of the program have in their recent update apologised for the delays while insisting that the Ministry is looking into resolving the issues that have arisen.

Investigation has revealed that possible reasons why an account could be flagged include but not restricted to, beneficiaries whose BVN are already tied to payments on the Government Server such as Serving Corps member, immediate passed Corps Members or employees of the Government who are also masquerading as N-power beneficiaries.

Others may include beneficiaries whose profiles are 'on hold' for issues such as abscondment from place of assignment or negligence of duties. 

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  1. Am a disable lady i pass out since 2014,I have not been working any were.

  2. @npower ng u said payment ll be made soon now u re saying our accounts were flagged ,we re waiting for ur next excuse ,kindly pay us our three months backlogs,d hardship is not easy


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