News of COVID-19 N30,000 Relief Fund is Fake -FG

The Federal Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development has debunked a widely circulated web message persuading the public to apply for a N30,000 COVID-19 relief fund as the Federal Government prepares to disburse the fund.
*FG* has finally approved and have started giving out free _N30,000_ Relief Funds to each citizenšŸ˜ 
Below is how to claim and get yours credit Instantly as I have just did now 
*Note* : You can only claim and get credited once and it's also limited so get your now Instantly.

Myinfoclock investigation on the fraudulent website requested the unfortunate victims to not only fill in their essential details but also share to a large member of his or her groups to stand a better chance as a beneficiary of the fund.

It was also observed that the website is a data phishing website with installed root pop-up ads which receives traffic through fraudulent strategies. 

The Ministry through a post this evening warned the public to be wary of fake text or whatsapp messages relating to COVID-19 Palliative which has not been announced by the Federal Government as such messages are sources of viruses and bugs capable of hacking into victims essential data.

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