May Stipend: Stipend to Graduate or FEDER Description

The beneficiaries of the N-power program have wondered why the description of payment for some beneficiaries especially the Batch A bears FGN:FEDER:MAY2020STIPENTTOGRADUTE while that of the Batch B bore FGN:FEDER:MAY2020.

Some of the beneficiaries are of the opinion that the Batch A had this description of payment because their program is coming to an end while the Batch B is yet to end.

The N-power beneficiaries are encouraged to note the following and focus more on a unified course to press a purpose.

1. Payment description is anything you input as a way of describing your payment, usually purpose of payment, if you are conversant  with online payment. 

2. Not all batch A had such description 

3. The N-power Teach, Health and Agro Corps are graduate categories of the N-power program. There is also a non-graduate category such as the N-tech, N-build or the N-creative.

Having a payment described as GRADUATE should not throw questions in the minds of graduates especially if you are a graduate.

4. It is cumbersome for one person to execute the payment of about 500,000 beneficiaries. The difference in the payment description entails that the payment was not executed by one person and whatsoever anyone uses as a description is correct as much as the 'Month payment is made for' is captured in the descriptions.  

Moreover, barely 72hours after the wide broadcast of the 'speculated' disengagement of the current N-power beneficiaries after the payment of the May Stipend, the Federal Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs, Disasater Management and Social Development has not release any official statement as regards the purported intention.

Meanwhile, a confidential source from the Apex caucus of the All Progressive Congress (APC) has disclosed that the ruling party is finding it uneasy to swallow the news as the National Social Investment Program such as N-power remains one of the greatest and most visible achievement of the party. 

The source emphasized that such intention would draw a line between Nigerians and the party as those that would be affected are not only 500,000 youths but more than 500,000 families which the opposition party could stand on to make discerning proposition towards 2023 General Election.

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