COVID-19: Danger looms in Enugu

This is not an attempt to cause panic but to create awareness to the public especially the good people of Enugu State.

It's very disheartening that many Nigerians do not believe COVID-19 Pandemic is real or existent in Nigeria.

Today, Enugu State has 57 Confirmed cases and 26 active cases. It's like a mirage to the public as they still fill the atmosphere with argument and disbelieve.

A lot of Nigerians are still insisting on going to watch or touch those who have been infected or to see how they suffer  from the disease. Some liken it to 'ordinary' malaria as if malaria is really ordinary while some want to know the names of those confirmed cases, against the medical ethics.

Many Nigerians are of the notion that the Federal Government and the Nigeria Center for Disease Control are exaggerating the issue of COVID-19 Pandemic, and fabricating numbers of COVID-19 confirmed cases to make the public believe it is existent.

 {There is a report that about 25 medical staff in Enugu are confirmed to be positive for COVID-19 at the National Orthopaedic Hospital, Enugu. This may sound like a rumour but it's left for everyone to put ears on ground and be extra-cautious.}

As I said earlier, this is not an attempt to cause panic but to create awareness and encourage the general public especially  the good people of Enugu to be more compliant to the stipulated guidelines by both the Federal and State Health authorities.

While we do not want the incidence in Italy or United State to take place in Nigeria as a result of doubt or adamance, we are expected to put hands on deck to ensure our safety as the Federal Government alone cannot protect us, if we do not actively protect ourselves.

COVID-19 is real and can infect anyone irrespective of age, sex, colour or class.

Stay safe, stay protected.

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