Bizarre: Enugu records 12 New cases of Coronavirus Infection as South East drifts towards the Epicenter

In what may seem as a paradigm shift, cases of Coronavirus disease are fast encroaching on South  Eastern Nigeria. 

Just yesterday, Enugu State had recorded 12 New cases of the disease while Imo, Anambra and Ebonyi recorded 21, 11 and 10 New cases respectively.

The recent report from the Nigeria Center for Disease Control  (NCDC), yesterday, furthered that  Lagos recorded 195 New cases, 50 in FCT, 42 in Kano, 27 in Kaduna, 26 in Edo, 22 in Oyo, 17 in Gombe, 12 in Benue,  11 in Delta, 9 in Nasarawa, 9 in Ogun,  8 in Bauchi, 4 in Kebbi,  3 in Akwa Ibom, 3 in Jigawa, 3 in Katsina, 2 in Yobe, 2 in Borno, 1 in Kwara and 1 in Ondo totally 501 New Confirmed cases.

Citing the reports from the Agency, Enugu State has recorded 51 confirmed cases, 32 active cases, 18 recoveries and 1 death while Anambra has 64 Confirmed cases, 37 Active Cases, 18 Discharge and 9 deaths.

Ebonyi State struggles with 162 Confirmed cases, 78 Active cases, 84 Recoveries and gracefully zero death while Abia State battles with 151 Confirmed cases, 133 Active Cases, 18 Recoveries and zero death.

In the same vein , Imo State is contending with 135 Confirmed Cases, 112 Active Cases, 20 Recoveries and 3 Deaths.

Nigeria as at today has a total of 15,682 Confirmed Cases, 10,174 Active Cases, 5,101 Recoveries and 407 Deaths.

The bizarre increase in the number of incidences in the country is not only fearful but also contradicts the decision of the Government to re-open some economic activities in the country.

The reports instead support the intention of the Education Ministry not to order for reopening of schools as the School pupils and even the students can not completely abide by the stipulated guidelines in the prevention of the deadly disease, and are very likely to be predisposed to the infectious virus as cluster is a nature of school activities.

While to many Nigerians, the issue of Coronavirus may seem as a mirage and doubtful, the Director General of the Nigeria Center for Disease Control has warned that Coronavirus is not Malaria and should not be likened to ‘ordinary’ Malaria as many Nigerians assert.

Coronavirus is real, infectious and deadly and the prevention following the stipulated guidelines from Federal and State Health Authorities remains the only measure to ensure safety of the masses as well as negate the economic downturns it has spewed on the Nigerian economy.

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