COVID-19: A worrisome increasing number in Nigeria

The recent events in Nigeria have witnessed an inceasant increasing number of confirmed cases in Nigeria which negate any expectation that Coronavirus Pandemic may end any time soon.

Just yesterday, the Nigeria Center for Disease Control (NCDC) announced the result of 245 new confirmed cases obtained from less than 1,000 test samples, which has raised the total number of Confirmed cases to 2,802.

According to the Agency, as at 11:45pm 4th May, there were 76 new confirmed cases in Lagos, 37 in Katsina, 32 in Jigawa, 23 in Kano, 19 in FCT, 18 in Borno, 10 in Edo, 9 in Bauchi, 6 in Adamawa, 5 in Oyo, 5 in Ogun, 1 in Ekiti, 1 in Osun, 1 in Benue, 1 in Niger and 1 in Zamfara.

NCDC disclosed that there were 6 new deaths and 17 new recovery bringing the total death toll and total recovery to 93 and 417 respectively.

Current breakdown is as follows:
Total Confirmed Cases - 2,802
Total Recovery - 417
Total Death - 93
Active Cases - 2,292
Total States   - 34 + FCT
Total Tested Samples - 18,536

The recent deaths were reported as 2 in Kano, 2 in Borno, 1 in Osun and 1 in Edo

The 17 Recovery were reported as 7 in Lagos, in Kaduna, and 8 in Osun.

The death toll as reported by NCDC indicates that Lagos has recorded 30 Deaths, 3 in Abuja, 8 in Kano, 7 in Katsina, 4 in Edo, 2 in Delta, 2 in Akwaibom and 14 in Borno, 2 in Oyo, 1 in Ondo, 1 in Ekiti, 2 in Ogun, 2 in Rivers, 4 in Osun, 8 in Sokoto, 1 in Kaduna, 1 in Yobe, 1 in Zamfara and 1 in Bayelsa, bringing the total death toll to 93.

Analysis from the current report from NCDC indicates that Lagos has 254 recovered victims, 40 in Abuja, 30 in Osun, 10 in Edo, 9 in Oyo, 10 in Ogun, 10 in Kaduna, 10 in Akwaibom, 2 in Ekiti, 2 in Rivers, 2 in Enugu, 2 in Rivers, 8 in Kwara and 6 in Bauchi, 3 in Ondo, 0 in Kano, 6 in Katsina, 0 in Gombe, 2 in Delta, 0 in Borno, 1 in Abia, 1 in Niger, 0 in Jigawa, 0 in Gombe, 1 in Anambra, 0 in Benue and 1 in Sokoto.

The statistical report from NCDC also indicates that there are 899 Active cases in Lagos, 254 in FCT, 350 in Kano, 3 in Osun, 28 in Oyo, 48 in Edo, 71 in Ogun, 70 in Katsina, 8 in Kwara, 4 in Akwaibom, 74 in Bauchi, 70 in Kaduna, 13 in Delta, 10 in Ondo, 9 in Ekiti, 6 in Enugu, 10 in Rivers, 3 in Niger, 38 in Jigawa, 2 in Benue, 0 in Anambra, 86 in Borno, 96 in Gombe, 1 in Abia and 57 in Sokoto, 12 in Adamawa, 3 in Plateau, 12 in Zamfara, 2 in Imo, 8 in Taraba, 12 in Kebbi, 5 in Ebonyi, 5 in Bayelsa, 12 in Nasarawa, 12 in Yobe.

In Nigeria toady, Cross River and Kogi State have remained untouched by the deadly Coronavirus pandemic while Anambra has tactically regained her freedom from the virus through the recuperation of the index cases in the state. 

Nigeria is a populous country of over 200million people and the largest in Africa. With the result obtained from few tested samples amidst no vaccins and low testing laboratory capacity, it could be asserted that there could be an outburst of the pandemic upon testing a population of 50 million out of the overall population.

It is worrisome. The attitude of Nigerians towards the pandemic, the doubt in the existence of the Virus in Nigeria, the noncompliance to stated guideline by health authorities and the Government, the desire to keep up with the already set new year targets of 2020 by many Nigerians and more are the predisposing factors that could endanger the Nigerian population and extend the pandemic beyond 2020.

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