Breaking: FG finalises to dissolve the current N-power Program

The Federal Government has concluded plans to terminate the current N-power program which is putting food on the tables of about 500,000 Nigerian families whose children are serving as volunteers in the Education, Health and Agricultural sectors of the economy, on a monthly Stipend of N30,000.

The Minister for Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development, Sadiya Umar Farouk, had reiterated her resolve to restructure the program and recruit new 400,000 volunteers who would also benefit from the Social Investment Program.

The Ministry's spoke's person, Iliya Rhoda, in a statement emphasized that the program has contributed in the Federal Government's plan to lift 1Million Nigerian youths out of poverty. 
The programme has enrolled 500,000 beneficiaries thus far – 200,000 from Batch A which started in September 2016 and 300,000 from Batch B which kicked off in August 2018. 
The beneficiaries were supposed to spend 24 months on the programme but Batch A beneficiaries have spent over 40 months. 
Both Batches will soon be terminated, according to the recent press release from the Ministry. 
Mrs Rhoda furthered that the present benefificiaries have overstayed in the program thereby denying other Nigerian the opportunity of gaining entrepreneurial skills as well as employment.

The turn out of event has raised fears among the 500,000 beneficiaries who have been surviving the bite of unemployment in the country with the N30,000 stipends as the Ministry has not stated any exit plan for the beneficiaries after the government had promised not to send them back to the street.

The release of the 500,000 beneficiaries could compound the unemployment rate of the country which the Minister for Labour, Chris Ngige, said could rise to 33.5% this year, especially in an era a virus has dealt a blow to the economy of the world with lancinating hardship among the populace.

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  1. That will be very unfair if they do that. Everyone knows there is serious unemployment. It will be a big time bomb.

  2. I still believe they HV another plan for us. They can't flush us down d pit

  3. This woman is another pandemic to Nigerians from the tremendous lies of the feeding programs where billions are budgeted monthly with zero evidence or impact on The lives of children and now she is agitating to dissolve npower may Allah(swa) cripple her means also


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