COVID-19 Lockdown: Enugu to avert Hunger as Akwata Traders beg Gov Ugwuanyi

The members of Akwata Traders Union have on Monday visited the Government house while impressively observing the social distancing rules with placards bearing plea inscriptions to allure the Governor reopen the Akwata market.

Akwata market, a popular wholesale food stuff market in Enugu and South East which was not included in the temporal shut down plan by the State Governor as food/food stuff sellers were exempted from the COVID-19 stay at home order, was shut down because the marketers refused to adhere to the social distancing, hand washing, use of Sanitizers and environmental hygiene instruction to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus Pandemic in the State.

The members of the association led by their Leader to the State Government house pleaded with the state Governor to reconsider the Akwata market as they have observed their mistakes and vehemently decided to abide by all rules that would prevent the spread of COVID-19 pandemic in the State.

The leader of the association noted that trailers of foodstuffs worth millions of Naira which had arrived the market have not been offloaded and their goods spoiling. He added that distribution of food in Enugu has been hampered as distributors no longer have access to the food-base market.

There has been an upward surge of food stuff prices in Enugu recently amidst the lock down as sellers of food stuffs tend to hoard the available foods in their stores for inability to restock their stores as they can longer access the Akwata market. This has widened the spate of hunger and hardship in the State as a result of the COVID-19 lock down and stay at home order.

The Enugu State Governor, Gov. Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi, upon welcoming the members of the association who overwhelmed him by their social distancing demonstration in the Government house, promised to reconsider the closure of the food stuff market hub.


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