COVID-19: Enugu kicks off Interstate Lockdown

The Enugu State Government has kicked off the execution of complete interstate lockdown in compliance with the decision reached in the recent Governors Forum to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus pandemic that is taking shape in numbers, in Nigeria. 

This was released by the Enugu State Ministry of Information on their social handle on Thursday evening, 23rd April, 2020. 

The State Ministry noted that Governor Ugwuanyi has visited the Enugu-Benue and Enugu-Kogi boundaries to ensure compliance to the order in the State. 

According to the statement released by the State Ministry, Gov Ugwuanyi has charged Security Agencies on duty to enforce total restriction of interstate travels except those on essential duties.

In a recent developement, some travellers who may not have been aware of this restriction have been turned back to wherever they may have started their journey into the State.

The State Ministry of Information noted that the intercepted travellers were escorted out of the state by the Military men with the assistance of the men of the Nigerian Police Force.
Some of the passengers who were mostly from Northern parts of the country, according to the security officials on duty, disguised and covered themselves with bags of food items, which are allowed into the state as essential commodities.
One of the intercepted passengers, Peter who was coming into the state from Benue State revealed to newsmen that they trekked from the state land boundary from Amalla to Obollo Afor in Udenu Local Government Area, where they boarded bus to their destinations.
Other offending passengers from Port Harcourt heading to the North, disclosed that they passed through the Bonny River to cross the Rivers State's land boundaries to be able to board buses through Enugu State, to their destinations, stressing that they are desirous to return to their native homes and face the inherent challenges occasioned by COVID-19, the State Ministry added.
 The security officials have warned intending travellers to stay at home and keep away from Enugu State as the security agencies in compliance with the directives of the State Government will not condone further breaches of the lockdown order in the State.

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  1. That's a very good step. Atleast for now Enugu State has no case, let every other states be.

  2. Nice move but they didn't State how long this will last

    1. Yea. But it may be really long. May be until the number of Comfirmed cases is down or no more cases in the country.

  3. Good, because prevention is better than..................


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