Disciplinary Action: 5,781 N-power Beneficiaries exited for Truancy

The Senior Special Assistant to the President on Job Creation and Youth Employment, Afolabi Imoukhuede, stated recently in Abuja that the Federal Government has exited 5,781 beneficiaries for absconding from their places of assignment. This was due to several reports obtained from the State Focal Persons and places of Assignment.
When we get reports of people who play truancy we usually place you on payment hold. In N-Power you learn, work and earn. If you do not do the right thing and you are paid, you are stealing the money. Note that the funds are not mine but that of the Federal Republic of Nigeria,” he explained. 
We have been receiving enormous complaints that a lot of you no longer go to work. The head teacher in your Primary Place of Assignment (PPA) is your Buhari and have the responsibility to teach, monitor and educate you. 
I have some good news for most of you. 5,781 of you have been forcefully exited out of the programme because of disciplinary issues. Perhaps you will begin to believe that states have authority over you. We also received reports of those who absconded and you know the terms and conditions attached to be an N-Power beneficiary.
 In practice, volunteers who intentionally abscond from their places of Assignment are always reported to the State Focal Persons who send such reports to Abuja for immediate action. There are also monitoring teams who ensure that the volunteers are in their Places of Assignments as at when due and discharging their duties.

Mr Afolabi reacted to an insinuation that ghost workers have taken over the Social Investment Program.
There have been so many insinuations around ghost workers in N-Power. There are no ghost workers in N-Power, there can not even be because we have conducted a physical verification and confirming those who come into the programme for them not to exist,” he said. 
What happens to those who do not receive alert? It is because of validation and we try to contact you via phone number and email address to go regularise yourself with your bank and update your details.

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