COVID-19 Update: Nigeria records 139 Confirmed Cases, Contacts Search on going

The Nigeria Center for Disease Control (NCDC) has at 11:15 am and 8:00 pm 31st March, 2020 recorded 8 New confirmed cases in the country bringing the total number of Confirmed cases to 139.

According to the Agency, 3 cases were reported in Osun, 1 in Ogun; 3 in FCT and 1 in Lagos. The country had also recorded 1 recovery today bringing the total Number of recovery to 9.

The current breakdown is as follows:
  • Lagos       82
  • FCT           28
  • Ogun         4
  • Ekiti           1
  • Oyo            8
  • Edo             2
  • Bauchi       2
  • Osun          5
  • Rivers        1
  • Enugu        2
  • Benue        1
  • Kaduna     3
Total Confirmed Cases - 139
Total Recovery - 9
Total Death - 2

In an update from the Agency on Tuesday evening, it has restated it's commitment in tracing contacts of the already confirmed cases of the COVID-19 infection in Nigeria while urging Nigerians to stay home and stay safe.

The Agency also warned of unverified and misinformative messages being circulated via the social media and advised the public to be wary of misinformation that may predispose them to other health risks.

It noted that:
  • Consuming hot Lemon, Palm oil, ginger or garlic
  • Gargling with salt water
  • Drinking or spraying Dettol on your body 
- do not protect one against Coronavirus.

Global record today shows that 42,043 people have died of Coronavirus while confirmed cases has hit 854,608. While the fight continues, 176,908 victims have recovered.

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