Coronavirus Update: The world at war with Animacules

While in some parts of the world today, Coronavirus infection may be a mirage or a fiction but in reality, Coronavirus has in less than three months infected 125 countries out of 195 countries of the world with 134,242 Confirmed Case and 4,968 Deaths.

In about a week, Coronavirus deaths in China has climbed from 3,013 to 3,169 while deaths in Italy climbed from 107 to 1,016. Italy has overtaken South Korea and Iran, and has emerged as the second most hit country by the virus after China.

Also, death in USA has increased from 11 to 40 while Iran increased from 107 to 429 in about a week.

In Africa, Coronavirus infection has remained unexpectedly stable against previous forecast of Africa likely to be a worst hit by the ravaging Coronavirus. Africa has remained strong in the fight against the virus with one or two death in the affected countries so far.

While there has been wide fear in Nigeria about the virus, Nigeria has only recorded two confirmed cases with zero death.

See Chart Below:

Chart By: Worldometers

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