Coronavirus Update: Number of Confirmed Cases and Death surge round the Globe

As at today, the war-like COVID-19 virus has infected  87 Countries out of 195 countries of the world. The number of Confirmed cases has risen to 96,979 while number of Deaths surged to 3,311 across the globe.

China still remains the first and most hit country by the deadly Coronavirus with 80,430 Confirmed cases and 3,013 deaths. South Korea, Iran and Italy still top the list after China with 6,088:40; 3,513:107; 3,089:107 Confirmed Cases:Total Death respectively.

The Death in United States recently rose to 11 with 164 Confirmed cases.

See Chart Below:

Chart by:Worldometer

In Africa, South Africa has been infected alongside Egypt, Algeria, Nigeria,Tunisia and Senegal.

While the fight against Coronavirus goes on around the world, here are 6 things you should know from UNICEF.

Stay safe, play safe. Health is Wealth.

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