Coronavirus: A Scourge of Fear and Death

With the break out of the COVID-19 virus in Wuhan, China, 68 countries out of the 195 countries of the world have been infected with a total of 89,074 Confirmed cases and 3,050 deaths.

China, the most populous country of the world with a population of 1.4 billion people and where the spread of the virus started, has recorded 80,026 Confirmed cases with 2,912 deaths.

China is followed by South Korea, Italy and Iran with 4,212:26, 1,694:34, 978:54 Confirmed Cases:Total Death respectively.

On the 28th of February, 2020, Nigeria received a first touch of the virus from Italy alongside Lithuania, Iceland, Mexico, Denmark, Macedonia, Greece etc.

Since it's arrival in Nigeria, there has been fear of contacting the virus, facts and lies. Already, about 100 people have been identified and quarantined.

President Muhammed Buhari has urged Nigerians not to panic, rather, work together to conquer the virus as was the case of Ebola virus.

The imminent danger lies on the most probable public incapacity in identifying a victm vividly to ensure everyone is safe in public places without causing fear, disruption of economic activities and false stigma among the populace. The markets, the Churches, the Mosque, Schools, Hotels, Bars and Pubs, Public Transits, etc, will the use of nose mask and sanitisers be widely implemented to ensure safety of oneself and another? Will the price of Nose mask, sanitisers etc be regulated? What about the prices of other goods and Services? When will this end?

The question continues but I know Nigerians, we trust in God.

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