Breaking: Coronavirus hits Enugu State

The Nigerian Center for Disease Control (NCDC) has at 11:55 pm on Friday announced that 2 cases were found in Enugu State among 11 New cases recorded late hours of Friday. A total of 16 New cases were recorded on Friday. This brings the total number of Confirmed cases in Nigeria to 81.

Currently, breakdown is as follows:

  • Lagos    52
  • FCT        14
  • Ogun       3
  • Ekiti        1
  • Oyo          3
  • Edo          2
  • Bauchi    2
  • Osun        1
  • Rivers      1
  • Enugu      2
Total Confirmed Cases - 81
Total Recovery 3
Total Death - 1

As at this hour, COVID-19 has claimed 27,352 lives around the world. Number of Confirmed cases has been tremendously increasing as it has rocketed to 596,723 while recovery has dawdled at 133,355.

The number of Confirmed cases in the United States has hit 104,142 making USA the current epicentre of this deadly pandemic. Deaths in United States is at 1,695 with 2,522 recovery while death in Italy has climbed to 9,134.

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